Built-In stainless steel BBQ with Ovelia skewer on top 120x50cm Korakas


Crafted from durable 5mm thick stainless steel 306G, this premium foukou boasts a lifetime warranty, attaining a stellar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.

Featuring a chain drive mechanism, the foukou incorporates a cleverly designed skewer system. Each skewer is equipped with a gear just beneath the wooden handle, seamlessly engaging with the chain mechanism to facilitate smooth rotation.

A precision-engineered adjustable height regulator, operated by a hand crank, adds to the convenience and versatility of this foukou.

Proudly manufactured in our Nicosia-based factory in Cyprus, this foukou adheres to the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring top-notch quality.

Measuring 120x50cm, this foukou is designed to hold either 9 thick souvla skewers or 17 kebab skewers. Additionally, it’s spacious enough to cook an entire lamb or sizable cuts using the long, sturdy skewers atop the BBQ. Moreover, the included accessories serve to further augment its functionality.

The price includes: 

  • 9 souvla skewers, each 8mm thick, with gears made of stainless steel 304G
  • 17 kebab skewers, each 4mm thick, with gears made of stainless steel 304G
  • 3 triple skewers, each 4mm thick, with gears for shieftalia and similar items, made of stainless steel 304G
  • 2 grill racks made of stainless steel 304G, covering the BBQ surface for lamb chops, steaks, pitta bread, and more
  • 2 rotating fish grills with gears made of stainless steel 304G
  • 1 electric motor (Korakas-Queen), wired with an adjustable speed for operating the BBQ unit.
  • A stainless steel lid, ensuring protection for the BBQ unit (306G)

The Ovelia system includes:

  • 1 long skewer 14mm thick for Ovelia (whole lamb or pig) stainless steel 304G.
  • 2 hooks 8mm thick stainless steel 304G.
  • 1 tensioner 6mm thick stainless steel 304G.
  • 1 counter weight stainless steel 306G.
  • 1 heavy duty motor for operating the big Ovelia skewer.
  • Benefit from door delivery 🚛 (approximately 30 days from your order) and receive a complimentary gift: tongs, a shovel for charcoals, and a chimney starter. 🔥
  • For a detailed description of the Foukou unit, please scroll below. ⬇️

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