“Modern Superior” Cyprus BBQ – Foukou


  • This modern version of the Cypriot BBQ – Foukou ιs a slightly wider design than the standard traditional rotisserie Cyprus barbecue. The main difference is that the large skewers sit side by side at the same level
  • Can prepare delicious food for up to 20 people. Ideal for barbecue parties and family get-togethers
  • Modern Superior Cyprus Foukou Charcoal BBQ Set –  Key Features:
  • 3 large skewers to sit side by side at the same level with each other for efficient heat managemen
  • Manufactured in Cyprus at the highest EU standard
  • Can be used to cook both souvla and souvlaki or kebab
  • Able to cook 7-8kg souvla/meat on large skewers
  • Can be operated by battery or electric rotisserie motors
  • Tough 2.5mm steel construction