“X5” Foukou Korakas


“This expansive BBQ-FOUKOU boasts the capacity to cook up to 18kg of souvla or meat using substantial skewers. It comes equipped with 10 kebab skewers, each 4mm thick, meticulously designed to support the weight of kebabs given the BBQ-Foukou’s 60cm width. Crafted in Cyprus, EU, adhering to the highest manufacturing standards, this unit is an ideal fit for large-scale barbecue gatherings, family reunions, and restaurants.

Constructed from durable steel, it features a robust build with a 2.5cm bend on the inside, safeguarding its shape against heat-induced alterations. Its dimensions measure 80cm in length, 60cm in width, and 72cm in height.”

Benefit from free delivery 🚛 (approximately 5 days from your order) and receive a complimentary gift: tongs, a shovel for charcoals, and a chimney starter. 🔥

To explore an in-depth description of the Foukou unit, kindly continue reading below. ⬇️


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