“X4” Chain Drive Foukou Korakas


Introducing the Foukou-BBQ, a versatile grilling system featuring 4 souvla skewers connected via a chain drive mechanism . Each skewer is equipped with a gear just beneath the wooden handle, seamlessly fitting into the rotating chain mechanism for effortless cooking.

For kebab enthusiasts, 7 stainless steel skewers 304G, each 4mm thick, promise an ample capacity for serious servings of souvlaki! All skewers perfectly align with the Foukou’s length, allowing for a generous cooking space for souvlaki, sausages, pasturma, mushrooms, and more.

The detachable legs offer convenient mobility and easy removal, ensuring versatile usage. With dimensions measuring 60cm X 70cm and standing at 77cm in height, this Foukou-BBQ is designed to elevate your grilling experience.

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